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Mara Lee, Senior Editor, is a reporter for International Trade Today and its sister publications Export Compliance Daily and Trade Law Daily. She joined the Warren Communications News staff in early 2018, after covering health policy, Midwestern Congressional delegations, and the Connecticut economy, insurance and manufacturing sectors for the Hartford Courant, the nation’s oldest continuously published newspaper (established 1674). Before arriving in Washington D.C. to cover Congress in 2005, she worked in Ohio, where she witnessed fervent presidential campaigning every four years.

Recent Articles by Mara Lee

A CBP headquarters official, chosen to help shape national policy on de minimis, said that while the trade community welcomed the opportunity for electronic clearance of packages that require partner government agency review, importers are often not following the reasonable care standard required for Type 86 entries. The Type 86 test is for packages that are low enough value to avoid duties under the de minimis statute, but are not eligible for de minimis because they contain goods that PGAs inspect. If importers participate in the test -- and there were more than 623 million packages last fiscal year that were covered -- they must provide a 10-digit Harmonized Tarff Schedule code.Read More >>

For proponents of the Strengthen Wood Product Supply Chains Act, requiring the federal government to tell importers a specific reason the goods were detained and provide information that "may accelerate the disposition of the detention" would increase transparency and save importers money on demurrage fees. For the bipartisan bill's opponents, the bill's planks, including allowing importers to move the wood to a bonded warehouse after the first 15 days of detention, would undermine law enforcement.Read More >>