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CBP Says 'Adaptive Clothing' for Handicapped Not Eligible for Duty-Free Subheading

An "adaptive clothing" line meant “to offer branded fashionable clothing to the underserved community of the differently-abled consumer" doesn't meet the requirements for duty-free treatment under tariff subheading 9817.00.96, CBP said in a June 29 ruling. That subheading is … Subscribe to Read >>

USTR's Rules of Origin Proposals Decried as 'Social Engineering'

The barriers to a NAFTA agreement are well-known -- the sunset clause, ending investor-state dispute settlement, changes to procurement. But for Rufus Yerxa, president of the National Foreign Trade Council, it's a tighter rules of origin for autos that is … Subscribe to Read >>

ZTE Export Ban Lifted by Commerce Dept.

The export ban on Chinese-owned telecommunications firm ZTE that began in April but was reversed after President Donald Trump said its imposition was costing China too many jobs (see 1805140046) is now officially lifted. American companies were barred … Subscribe to Read >>

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Bill to Stop Administration's ZTE Reprieve Contains Loophole

Despite repeated lobbying trips from Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, the Senate passed a version of the defense authorization bill June 18 that includes an amendment designed to retain the seven-year export ban on Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE. However, the way the amendment is written, the Commerce Department would retain the discretion to allow ZTE to continue importing semiconductors from U.S. sources. … Read More >>

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