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USTR Says NAFTA Far From Being Done Deal

On May 17, the supposed deadline for having a NAFTA deal ready so that Congress could vote on it in 2018, the U.S. Trade Representative said ratifying a deal this year is unlikely. Earlier that day Canada's Prime Minister Justin … Subscribe to Read >>

CBP to Update ACE to Allow for Product Exemptions From Section 232 Tariffs

CBP will make changes to ACE Entry Summary "that will allow CBP to validate tariff rate adjustments and exclusions in support of Section 232 measures," the agency said in a CSMS message. The update will come on June 1 … Subscribe to Read >>

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Importers and Customs Brokers File Court Challenge of New TFTEA Drawback Requirements

Several drawback filers and importers on March 23 filed a court challenge of CBP’s new policies on drawback procedures under the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act. They say CBP violated the Administrative Procedure Act when it changed drawback requirements via a guidance document issued in February without allowing for notice and comment on what amount to regulatory changes. … Read More >>

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