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Top ITT Articles You May Have Missed From Last Week

International Trade Today is providing readers with the top stories from Nov. 22-26 in case they were missed. All articles can be found by searching on the titles or by clicking on the hyperlinked reference number.

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ArticleReference #
Expanding CBP Use of Advance Data for Enforcement Among Initial Concerns With Draft Customs Bill2111220006
Import Alert for FSVP Non-Compliance Sees Sharp Uptick in New Listings in Last 3 Months2111230037
CBP Ruling Rejects Protest 'Supplement' but Says It Can Be Considered as New Protest2111230084
Customs Broker Permit User Fee Due by Jan. 312111220035
Report Says Xinjiang Cotton Fabric Being Shipped to Other Countries for Finishing2111220045
Proposed Retaliatory Tariffs Over Turkish GSP to Be Terminated2111220041
CBP Issues Harmonized System Update with Section 301 Exclusion Extensions2111240016
Retaliatory Tariffs on Indian Goods Over DST to Be Terminated2111240045
ITC Recommends Extension of Safeguard Tariffs on Solar Cells2111240066
Raw Honey: Prelim AD Cash Deposit Rates Take Effect for Argentina, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Ukraine2111220039