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Timothy Warren is Executive Managing Editor of Communications Daily. He previously led the International Trade Today editorial team from the time it was purchased by Warren Communications News in 2012 through the launch of Export Compliance Daily and Trade Law Daily. Tim is a 2005 graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts and lives in Maryland with his wife and three kids.

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No Importers Have Overcome UFLPA Rebuttable Presumption So Far, CBP Official Says

A little over a month since the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act rebuttable presumption took effect, no importer so far has successfully overcome that presumption, Elva Muneton, acting executive director of the UFLPA Implementation Task Force said, speaking Aug. 3 during the CBP Detroit Field Office's Virtual Trade Week. "Thirty days into this. I have not seen any documentation that has been able to overcome the rebuttable presumption," she said. But, "it's only been 30 days so I think the documentation for a lot of the shippers that are detained are being assembled to be submitted to CBP. That's what I'm guessing is happening."Read More >>

Work Toward Section 321 Rulemaking Is Ongoing, CBP Official Says

CBP is still aiming to propose rules for a Section 321 data collection process that are based on the Section 321 data pilot and Entry Type 86 test (see 2101290033), said Christopher Mabelitini, acting director, Intellectual Property Rights & E-Commerce Division, July 18 during CBP’s Trade Facilitation and Cargo Security Summit. "What we're working on, to expand off of the current pilots we have now and to bring the two together, is a draft regulatory framework that's being drafted this year," he said. Mabelitini said he expects a two- to three-year time frame to get the draft notice out for public comment.Read More >>

Forced Labor Enforcement Strategy Document Released

DHS posted the Forced Labor Enforcement Strategy document from the Forced Labor Enforcement Task Force on June 17. The document was required under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which creates a rebuttable presumption that as of June 21 goods connected to the Xinjiang region in China are made with forced labor. Included in the document is "comprehensive assessment of the risk of importing goods mined, produced, or manufactured, wholly or in part, with forced labor," the task force said. Also included is an "evaluation and description of forced-labor schemes, UFLPA-required lists (including the UFLPA Entity List), UFLPA-required plans, and high priority sectors for enforcement."Read More >>

COAC Group Says UFLPA Importer Guidance Is Lacking

CBP's operational guidance for importers about complying with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (see 2206140037) left too many importer subjects unanswered, the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) Forced Labor Working Group said in a document released ahead of the June 29 COAC meeting. "While CBP’s Importer Guidance provides general information, it disappointingly does not reflect incorporation of the many practical recommendations that have been submitted over the years," the group said. "CBP must increase transparency, engagement, and communication, early and often, with the Trade community regarding the current process for enforcement as well as the detention or release of goods believed to be linked to forced labor."Read More >>

CBP Issues UFLPA 'Operational Guidance for Importers'

CBP released an "operational guidance for importers" June 13 that explains the processes involved in Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act enforcement. The guidance puts in writing much of what was described in recent webinars (see 2206080033, 2206010034 and 2206020055) hosted by CBP on the UFLPA rebuttable presumption that goods involving the Xinjiang region of China are made with forced labor and illegal to import unless the importer can prove otherwise. The rebuttable presumption goes into effect June 21, and CBP plans to issue a more detailed "strategy" document on that day.Read More >>