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CBP Issues Harmonized System Updates

CBP created Harmonized System Update (HSU) 2407 on June 20, containing 17 ABI records and 4 Harmonized Tariff Schedule records. "This update contained Section 301 exclusion updates that included extending HTS numbers 9903.88.67 and 9903.88.68 from May 31, 2024, to June 14, 2024, and adding new HTS number 9903.88.69 effective June 15, 2024, through May 25, 2025," CBP said in a June 27 CSMS message.

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CBP also created HSU 2408 on June 21, containing 3 ABI records and one Harmonized Tariff Schedule record. "HSU 2408 included an update to the new Section 301 exclusion 9903.88.69 that was added in previous update, HSU 2407," the agency said. "It was brought to our attention the effective date was entered incorrectly. HSU 2408 contains the correction to 9903.88.69 with the correct effective date of June 15, 2024."

CBP said it mistakenly didn't send out CSMS messages for both HSU 2407 and 2408. "We apologize for the missed CSMS for updates 2407 and 2408," the agency said. "For any issues obtaining the HTS data extract files for updates 2407 or 2408 please send an email to the HTS admin mailbox."