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CBP Issues Fact Sheet Highlighting FY 2023 Milestones

CBP unveiled a fact sheet on June 12 describing its activities and milestones that the agency reached in FY 2023. It said the U.S. processed over 1 billion de minimis shipments worth over $50 billion through postal, express, and non-express facilities. Within the de minimis program, CBP facilitated over 785 million transactions in Section 321 Data Pilot and Entry Type 86 Test, the fact sheet said.

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CBP estimates that it garnered approximately $3 billion in time and cost savings to CBP and the trade community through the Entry Type 86 electronic clearances. Since their inception, both pilots have resulted in an approximately 90% reduction in holds in participating online platforms, CBP said.

There were seven identified cyber-attacks on the broker community, prompting CBP to test a concept with the Homeland Security Investigations Cyber Crimes Unit to detect and act on intelligence indicating an imminent cyberattack affecting the trade community before it materializes. Already, this initiative has successfully prevented and contained six cyber-attacks targeting the trade community that would have affected approximately $6.5 million worth of entries a day had the attacks fully compromised the trade’s systems, CBP said.

The agency assessed more than $187 million in Section 201 duties, $480 million in Section 232 aluminum duties, $1.6 billion in Section 232 steel duties and more than $38 billion in Section 301 duties from China. CBP also collected approximately $3.2 billion in antidumping/countervailing duty deposits and levied monetary penalties totaling more than $61.1 million on importers for violations of AD/CVD requirements.