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Top ITT Articles You May Have Missed From Last Week

International Trade Today is providing readers with the top stories from last week in case they were missed. All articles can be found by searching on the titles or by clicking on the hyperlinked reference number.

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ArticleReference #
CBP Advances Proposal on de Minimis, Sets Higher Damages for Failure to Present Low Value Cargo2403060086
House Republican Bill Would End PNTR for China2403040041
Bipartisan Bill Extends GSP Through 20292403070009
CBP Finds Evidence That Importer Evaded Order on Aluminum Extrusions From China2403080028
Coalition Presses for Restricted de Minimis; Trade Interests Push Back2403060089
EU Reaches Deal on Forced Labor Rules2403050035
WSJ Identifies Company That Led to Uyghur Auto Import Problem2403060093
USTR Says China's EV Dominance Belongs in USMCA Review; Mexico Wary2403070067
CBSA Official Says to Expect Movement on Xinjiang Import Ban2403040082
FedEx Responds to 'Drug Mule' Characterization2403070029