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CBP Issues Authorization for End of Year Immediate Delivery, Updated Guidance

CBP authorized the release of most types of merchandise on or after Dec. 15 through Dec. 31 under Immediate Delivery (ID) procedures, it said in a CSMS message. Many entry filers make regular use of ID procedures for fresh fruits and vegetables and other merchandise from Mexico and Canada.

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The message includes updated guidance on filing procedures following CBP's recent deployment of immediate delivery "enhancements" in ACE. The new guidance reflects "policy and processing updates" to CBP's December 2020 guidance for using the Document Imaging System (DIS) for ID requests, CBP said.

Allows Any 2024 HTS Changes to Be Available Early

This “blanket” authorization allows filers of eligible goods released during the period of Dec. 15-31 to file using the interim Harmonized Tariff Schedule changes, which take effect on or after Jan. 1, 2024.

Updated Instructions for ABI and Paper Entries

A "strict two-step entry process" of filing the entry first, followed by the entry summary, is now required when requesting ID for a shipment. CBP said. The entry must be filed within 15 days of the arrival date, and ID requested on the entry before the release of goods, CBP said. "The entry summary must be filed, with estimated duties attached, within 10 working days after the merchandise, or any part of the merchandise, is released," CBP said, and "the date the entry summary is successfully filed will function as the date of entry and will be used for the duty rate calculation."

"Manual processing i.e., entry-by-entry ID requests made on letterhead via the Document Image System (DIS) submitted to Centers for processing is discontinued for individual entry requests," CBP said. "However, blanket ID requests [were] not provided for in the ACE deployment and must continue to follow the manual process."

"Electronically submitted entries that request ID must be submitted by the filer on the entry submission prior to release on an entry-by-entry basis by setting the ‘Immediate Delivery Indicator’ as ‘Y’ transmitted in the SE11 record position 80," CBP said.

"CBP continues to accept a paper CBP Form 3461 for ID for non-ABI filings."

Restrictions on Use of These Blanket ID Procedures

The following restrictions have been placed on the use of these blanket ID procedures:

  • Merchandise moved under a transportation in-bond entry is not eligible for this blanket authorization.
  • Tariff rate quota (TRQ) merchandise previously authorized for ID release under 19 CFR 142.21(e) may still be released under ID. However, the entry summary shall be presented within the time specified in 19 CFR 142.23 (i.e., within 10 working days after the merchandise or any part of the merchandise is authorized for release) or within the quota period, whichever expires first.