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Miscellaneous CBP Releases

CBP issued the following releases on commercial trade and related matters:​

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QB 23-210 2023 Peanuts (here)
QB 23-315 2023 Raw Sugar Re-Allocations (here)
QB 23-711 2023 and QB 23-721-2023 1st and 2nd Period TRQ Aluminum European Union (EU) Member Countries and United Kingdom, Updated March 6, 2023 (here)
Guidance: QB 23-702 2023 Aluminum Absolute Quota Second Quarter Argentina (here)
GUIDANCE: 2023 Second Quarter Steel Bulletins (here)
ACE CBP and Trade Automated Interface Requirements (CATAIR) Error Dictionary -- Section 232 Aluminum Smelt and Cast Validations: Deployment to the Certification environment is March 14; deployment to the Production environment is April 10 (here)
De Minimis 101 Webinar on the de minimis process and the expansion of the Section 321 Data Pilot is scheduled for April 5 at 3 p.m. EDT (here)