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Miscellaneous CBP Releases

CBP issued the following releases on commercial trade and related matters:​

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  • QB 23-210 2023 Peanuts (here)
  • QB 23-315 2023 Raw Sugar Re-Allocations (here)
  • QB 23-711 2023 and QB 23-721-2023 1st and 2nd Period TRQ Aluminum European Union (EU) Member Countries and United Kingdom, Updated March 6, 2023 (here)
  • Guidance: QB 23-702 2023 Aluminum Absolute Quota Second Quarter Argentina (here)
  • GUIDANCE: 2023 Second Quarter Steel Bulletins (here)
  • ACE CBP and Trade Automated Interface Requirements (CATAIR) Error Dictionary -- Section 232 Aluminum Smelt and Cast Validations: Deployment to the Certification environment is March 14; deployment to the Production environment is April 10 (here)
  • De Minimis 101 Webinar on the de minimis process and the expansion of the Section 321 Data Pilot is scheduled for April 5 at 3 p.m. EDT (here)