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Top ITT Articles You May Have Missed From Last Week

International Trade Today is providing readers with the top stories from last week in case they were missed. All articles can be found by searching on the titles or by clicking on the hyperlinked reference number.

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ArticleReference #
CBP Working on Prior Disclosure-Like Process for Forced Labor for CTPAT Members, Garza Says2301300042
CBP Releases Updated Info on UFLPA Region Alert Postal Code Requirement2301300048
Attorneys Say China Links Becoming More Dangerous in Auto Parts2301310056
Manual Entry of Chinese Postal Code OK Once UFLPA Region Alert in Effect March 18, Official Says2302020059
CBP Lifts Forced Labor Finding on Sime Darby Palm Oil2302020038
CBP Started Issuing UFLPA Detention Notices on Aluminum Products, Maersk Says2302020040
Medical Products With Section 301 Exclusions Get Extension to May 152302020065
CBP Gives Brokers More Time to File Lists of All Employees in ACE Portal2302030046
Bill to End MFN Tariffs for China Introduced in Senate2301300066
Wyden Predicts Stalled GSP Will Move2302020053