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Top ITT Articles You May Have Missed From Last Week

International Trade Today is providing readers with the top stories from last week in case they were missed. All articles can be found by searching on the titles or by clicking on the hyperlinked reference number.

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ArticleReference #
Hundreds of CHB Licenses Listed as Revoked for Failure to File 2021 Triennial Report, Fee2208230040
CTPAT Forced Labor Requirements Get More Stringent2208220040
Supply Chain Visibility Needed for More Products Than Ever, Experts Say2208240065
Fighting Counterfeits Online Is a Battle Without an End, Experts Say2208250046
Most Say Sections 301 and 232 Tariffs Hurting America, but ITC Hears From Defenders, Too2208260017
CBP Announces Next Remote COAC Meeting Date, Releases Agenda2208240032
CBP Releases New User Manual on CTPAT Portal2208250061
CBP Says High Non-Compliance With CTPAT Criteria for Pests, Wood Packaging Materials2208240062
Cruz Introduces Bill on Airports Near Border2208220048
CBP Issues Harmonized System Update2208220031