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International Trade Today Launches Export Compliance Daily

Washington, DC (03/04/2019) – The editors of leading trade compliance publication International Trade Today announce the launch of Export Compliance Daily, a new daily information service that will deliver regulatory intelligence for U.S. exporters.

Export Compliance Daily combines detailed reporting on U.S. export controls and policy with wide-ranging coverage of the evolving border requirements of major U.S. trading partners.

Currently, U.S. exporters face profound challenges understanding the complex, ever-changing web of U.S. and foreign controls and requirements that affect shipping and delivery of their goods, with delays and mistakes potentially costing billions in lost revenue, penalties or fees.

Export Compliance Daily solves this challenge by aggregating export regulation, policy, trade negotiations and enforcement into a single information service covering the areas below:

  • Export controls and sanctions (BIS EAR, ITAR, OFAC, etc.)
  • U.S. export filing procedures
  • Foreign customs clearance requirements
  • International tariffs and trade agreements (WTO, NAFTA, etc.)

“Our readers want to know about new regulations affecting U.S. exports headed to different countries every day,” explained Tim Warren, Export Compliance Daily’s Managing Editor. “We’re the only publication that will cover just about everything a compliance department needs to know in one place: what’s changed, how it will affect their operations, and what they need to do next.”

The service also provides regular coverage of relevant legislative, policy and enforcement actions, delivered via a daily executive summary headline email, complete PDF edition and website.

Starting March 5, 2019, International Trade Today subscribers and other select trade professionals will begin receiving Export Compliance Daily by email on a complimentary basis during a limited Beta preview period. Paid annual subscriptions will be made available at a special introductory rate during the preview period. Call 202-872-9200 or email for additional information.

Contact: Tim Warren, Managing Editor.