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Top ITT Articles You May Have Missed From Last Week

International Trade Today is providing readers with the top stories from last week in case they were missed. All articles can be found by searching on the titles or by clicking on the hyperlinked reference number.

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ArticleReference #
Thousands of Porsche, Bentley and Audi Cars Seized Under UFLPA2402150026
Trade Subcommittee's Chair Says de Minimis, MFN Changes Could Have Unintended Consequences2402130072
Blumenauer Says CBP Opposition Won't Kill His China de Minimis Bill2402150060
CBP Releases New Guide on Setting Bond Amounts, Updating 1991 Directive2402130045
Georgia Woman Challenges 6 Questions on 2021 Customs Broker License Exam at CIT2402160040
Tai Says Strategic vs. Non-Strategic Section 301 Targets 'Not Obvious'2402120038
Subcommittee Chair: Lacey Act Wood Proposal Would Provide Certainty to Importers2402140043
CBP Targets $236 Million Worth of Shipments for Suspected Forced Labor in January2402130070
CBP Grants Protest for Tariff Classification of 'Puffer Cabinet'2402160050
CBP Finds Evidence of Evasion By One Out of Two Suppliers of Chinese-Origin Quartz2402150013