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Top ITT Articles From 2019

International Trade Today is providing readers with some of the top stories for 2019 in case they were missed.

All articles can be found by searching on the titles or by clicking on the hyperlinked reference numbers.

ArticleReference #
Tariffs of 25% Will Be Imposed on Billions' Worth of European Imports on Oct. 18; USTR Releases List1910020044
USTR Files Official Notification of 15%, Rather Than 10%, Tariff for List 41908270066
List 3 Section 301 Tariffs Will Go Up at 12:01 a.m. May 10, USTR Says1905060040
Proposed Tranche 4 of Section 301 Tariffs Would Leave Few Subheadings Untouched1905150051
Latest 301 Exclusions Include Consumer Goods and Industrial Machines1903210048
Shutdown Causing Some Confusion on Tariff Classification1901040022
Trump Cancels Oct. 15 Tariff Hike, Announces First Phase of Deal With China1910110038
CBP Provides Instructions on Increased Section 301 Duties; New HTS Number Coming for Shipments on Water1905090042
Section 301 Tariff Increase Notice Says Exclusion Process Coming1905080035
Drawback Now Allowed on Section 301 Duties, CBP Says; Worst of Shutdown Effects Limited to Seafood1901230040
Tariffs on List 4 of China Imports Likely Not the Last, Experts Say1908010046
USTR Amends Section 301 Policy to Avoid Double Counting in New Exclusion Notice1909180013
USTR Releases Notice on List 4 Section 301 Tariffs; Importers Should Check Notice, Not Earlier Lists, Lawyer Says1908150039
CBP Affirms Policy for Multiple Section 301 Tariffs on Sets1908060034
CIT Orders First-Time Importer to Pay Nearly $300K in Penalties and Unpaid AD Duties1904220045
2019 Tariff Schedule Changes Include New Infant Footwear Provisions, Amended Units of Measure1901110016
Congress Requiring Exclusion Process for List 3 of Section 301 Tariffs1902150047
CBP Refunds Paused During Shutdown, CBP's Leonard Says1901070031
CBP Announces Filing Procedures for Products Granted Section 301 Exclusions1902110018
Experts Say China Deal Could Be Weak, May Leave 25% Tariffs in Place1902250023
Customs Brokers Say Compliance on New Mexican Tariffs Not Possible by June 101906050049
China Experts Split on Whether 15% Tariff Will Come to Pass Sept. 11908260004
ITC Posts 2019 Tariff Schedule After Lengthy Shutdown Delay1902040032
USTR Will Not Give Exemptions to Largest Section 301 List Unless Rate Rises to 25%1901150035
CIT Orders Importer to Pay $500K for Negligent Misclassification1901180009
Exclusion Process for List 3 of Section 301 Tariffs May Make Existing Process Slower1902190038