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Top ITT Articles From 2017

International Trade Today is providing readers with some of the top stories for 2017 in case they were missed.

All articles can be found by searching on the titles or by clicking on the hyperlinked reference numbers.

ArticleReference #
List of FSVP Compliance Resources1705080037
CBP to Launch Blockchain Trade Pilot in FY181711080023
CIT Finds Importer Negligence Despite Consulting Broker on Tariff Classification1707140030
FCC Ends Form 740 Filings Requirements; Brokers Named as Potential 'Responsible Party' for Import Compliance1711010011
CBP Extends Deadline for Filing Post Summary Corrections1710310048
Hobby Lobby Must Hire Customs Lawyer and Broker, DOJ Says in $3 Million Settlement of Imports of Mislabeled Artifacts1707060033
CBP Issues More Guidance on Documents Required for U.S. Goods Returned1702010047
FCC to Eliminate Form 740 Entry Filing Requirements for RF Devices1707130045
Guidance on FDA's 'Importer' Definition in FSVP Regulations1705120025
Consolidation of Section 321 Shipments Allowed for E-Commerce Orders to Individual Customers, CBP Says1708080039
FDA 'Mindful' of Challenges as FSVP Requirements Begin May 301704040024
Trump Signs Executive Order Addressing AD/CV Duty Collection1703310037
CBP Considering Refunds of Liquidated Damages Caused by Wrong ACE Release Dates1704050038
CBP Seeing Big 'Disruptions' in Supply Chains Following de Minimis Increase, Smith Says1705260007
FDA Clarifies Expectations for Section 321 Entries1707030044
Divisions Emerge on COAC Section 321 Entry Recommendations1708230042
CBP CF 28s and 29s Increasingly Going to Importers of Record, Not Brokers1703230023
FDA Provides Additional Guidance on Filing Food Entries After FSVP Effective May 301705100028
Regulatory Agencies Outline Plans for Import-Export Regulations1712180034
CBP Conducts Forced Labor Outreach After North Korea Law, Including Updates to Reasonable Care ICP1711070046
CBP Lays Out Permissible Work for Unlicensed Customs Consultants1704070045
Customs Broker Agrees to POA Verification Requirements in Settlement of Trademark Case With Nike1702140037
Aggregate Value Limits for Section 321 Entries Apply to Retailers, Not Individual Customers, CBP Says1707310053
CBP to Increase User Fees for Fiscal Year 20181710310044
Some Concern for CBP Trade Functions Due to Shifting Administration Priorities, COAC Says1702270016
Regulatory Proposals on Brokers to Include Direct POA, Recordkeeping Requirements1704040086