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Top ITT Articles From 2018

International Trade Today is providing readers with some of the top stories for 2018 in case they were missed.

All articles can be found by searching on the titles or by clicking on the hyperlinked reference numbers.

ArticleReference #
MTB Signing Marks Win for Importers, Though Section 301 Tariffs Still Apply1809140004
First 'Wave' of Section 301 CF 28s Expected in Coming Weeks, Customs Lawyer Says1811060022
Trump Announces 232 Tariffs, Will Consider Requests for Exceptions from Allies1803080025
Sets Classified Outside Section 301 Subheadings May Still Be Subject to Tariffs, CBP Says1810100040
Trump Says Tariff Announcement Coming After Markets Close1809170038
Some $50 Billion in Chinese Goods to Face Tariffs; Trump Vows This Will Be 'First of Many' Actions1803220034
Proposed New Tariffs on Chinese Imports Cover Most of Tariff Schedule, Spare Footwear and Apparel1807110050
China Hits Back Against Latest Proposal for Section 301 Tariffs1808030013
China Tariffs Draw Objections From Industry, Retaliation From China1809180016
Section 232 Tariffs Could Be Dwarfed by Section 301 Actions, Experts Say1803130026
New 25 Percent Tariff on Goods From China Takes Effect for Entries on or After 12:01 a.m. July 61807050033
USTR Sets First Batch of Product Exclusions From Section 301 Tariffs1812240010
President Asked USTR to Consider Levying 25% Tariff on $200 Billion in Chinese Goods, Up From 10%1808010070
USTR Notice Details Tariff Treatment for New 10 Percent Section 301 Duties1809210026
Trump Says Tariffs on Another $267 Billion in Chinese Imports 'Ready to Go'1809070031
White House Sets Changes to Chapter 99 of Tariff Schedule for New Section 232 Aluminum and Steel Tariffs1803140030
Tariffs Take Effect on Third Set of Chinese Imports; China Retaliates1809240015
China Retaliates on 301; Experts Divided on What Happens Next1804030070
USTR Ends Section 301 Exemption for U.S. Goods Returned After Repair, Alteration, Processing and Assembly1808160049
Broad Tariffs on Foreign Steel, Aluminum Coming, Trump Announces1803010029
CBP Posts FAQs on Section 301 Tariffs1807240024
Second Tranche of Proposed Section 301 Tariffs Continue to Drive Industry Worries1807240017
CBP New York Offers POA Validation Techniques1811130036
Exemptions From Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Are Company or Group-Specific, BIS Says1803190028
USTR Denies Most Waivers in GSP Review, Removing Many Goods From Eligibility1810300031
CBP's Smith Signs Off on Broker Regulatory Update Package1804110024