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Biography for Mara Lee

Mara Lee, Associate Editor, is a reporter for International Trade Today and its sister publications Export Compliance Daily and Trade Law Daily. She joined the Warren Communications News staff in early 2018, after covering health policy, Midwestern Congressional delegations, and the Connecticut economy, insurance and manufacturing sectors for the Hartford Courant, the nation’s oldest continuously published newspaper (established 1674). Before arriving in Washington D.C. to cover Congress in 2005, she worked in Ohio, where she witnessed fervent presidential campaigning every four years.

Recent Articles by Mara Lee

USTR Official Says Section 301 Tariffs Support Supply Chain Revisions

A senior adviser to the U.S. trade representative said that Section 301 tariffs are no longer in place to try to change Chinese economic behavior but suggested they can't be modified unless trade policymakers understand how removing them would influence the administration's desire "to move to a resilience economy away from an efficient economy."Read More >>

Any Kenya Trade Deal Must Preserve AGOA Benefits, Commenters Say

African Growth and Opportunity Act benefits for Kenya need to continue as any trade partnership is formed, commenters said, especially the third-country fabric rule of origin.Read More >>

Unified Cargo Processing Is Money Saver; US, Mexico May Expand It

Reducing wait times for cargo at the U.S.-Mexico border by 10 minutes would allow an additional $312 million in imports annually and increase production in Mexico in export sectors by 2%, a new report from the Atlantic Council projects.Read More >>

Blumenauer Dismisses New GSP Bill; Brady Expresses Interest

House Ways and Means Trade Subcommittee Chairman Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., threw cold water on a proposal to refund tariffs that should have been waived through the Generalized System of Preferences benefits program, as importers continue to wait for the program's reauthorization. All tariffs will start the refund process once the bill becomes law, but Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., says the best chance of that is in December (see 2209200068).Read More >>

Rare-Earth Magnets Section 232 Investigation Ends Without Tariffs

China dominates in rare-earths magnet production, which is a threat to U.S. national security, the Commerce Department concluded, but the president will not be authorizing tariffs to bolster a nascent domestic rare-earths magnet industry.Read More >>