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Top ITT Articles From 2020

International Trade Today is providing readers with some of the top stories published in 2020 in case they were missed. All articles can be found by searching on the titles or by clicking on the hyperlinked reference numbers.

ArticleReference #
Lawsuit Says USTR Went Beyond Authority by Extending Section 301 Tariffs to List 3 Goods2009110005
USTR Issues Notice on New Section 301 Exclusions, Fixes for Face Masks, Medical Equipment2007090035
Hong Kong Country of Origin to End, All HK Goods Will Be Chinese2007150054
Questions Persist Over Section 301 Tariff Lawsuit Deadline; Firms Using Creative Fee Structures2009220029
CBP Posts USMCA Fact Sheets on Differences From NAFTA2006290042
Possible Deadline for Section 301 Refund Claims Approaches, but Lawyers Mixed on Date2009160056
USTR Launching Two Section 301 Investigations on Vietnam2010050036
CIT Deluged With Section 301 Suits; Earlier HMT Litigation Seen as Likely Model for Case Management2009210025
CBP Proposes Updates to Customs Broker Regulations2006040037
Tariff Reduction Coming in 30 Days, but 25% Tariffs to Stay Until Phase Two Is Done2001150033
Difficult Questions Loom for CBP and Brokers in Second Look at Mandatory Continuing Education2002130025
Importers Must File Protests to Preserve Section 301 Exclusion Claims, DOJ Says2012070052
DOJ Suggests 'Test Case' in Section 301 Litigation; HMTX Signals Agreement, Requests 3-Judge Panel2009240026
USTR Grants New Extensions to Section 301 Exclusions, Leaves Others to Expire July 312007280029
CBP Will Seek to Spread Liability Beyond IORs, Redesign Entry Process in 21st Century Framework2011120010
USTR Tells Congress: No More Tariff Deferrals, Automatic Section 301 Exclusion Renewals2008050007
Most Exclusions From List 3 Section 301 Tariffs to Expire Aug. 7, After USTR Extends Few2008060056
CBP Deputy Director Says Broker Continuing Education Rulemaking Progressing2009140033
USTR Grants New Extensions to Section 301 Exclusions, Leaves Others to Expire April 182004080011
USTR Grants Section 301 Exclusions for Medical Products2003060042
New York Broker Agrees to POA Verification Requirements to Settle Nike Trademark Lawsuit2005130023
CBP Can't Extend Protest Deadlines for Section 301 Exclusions, but Reconciliation Path 'Interesting,' Official Says2007160032
Lighthizer Defends Tariffs, Questions GSP Value, Says Future Exclusion Renewals Will Terminate in 20202006170008
CBP Ruling Sets New Policy for Ultimate Consignee Listed for Unsold Section 321 Goods2007310036
CBP Sends Proposal Ending de Minimis for Section 301 Goods to OMB for Review2009040026
FDA Withdraws Approvals for Some Chinese Mask Makers2005070047