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CBP Says Square Bars of Precious Metal Classifiable as Rectangles

Imported gold and silver square bars can be classified in the same heading as such bars in rectangular form, CBP said in a Jan. 5 ruling (here). Geiger Edelmetalle, the manufacturer of the bars, sought a CBP binding ruling … Subscribe to Read >>

Treasury Report Largely Favorable Toward Border-Adjustable Cash Flow Tax

A consumption tax that would exempt exports from and subject imports to taxation, akin to a plan being pushed by House GOP leaders, would likely change the U.S.’s trade status from that of a net importer to a net exporter … Subscribe to Read >>

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Incoming Administration Expected to Bring Greater Enforcement Focus to CBP

The incoming Trump administration could mean more funding and a greater enforcement focus for CBP, but the prospect of stricter trade enforcement could complicate day-to-day operations, analysts said in recent interviews. The presidential transition will cost the trade community mainly in terms of immediate uncertainty within industry and between the U.S. and its trading partners, as well as any regulatory “adjustments” that CBP might make, said David Aguilar, former CBP acting commissioner and current principal at Global Security and Innovative Strategies. But CBP’s trade funding and basic structures like the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee will likely remain intact, he said. … Read More >>

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